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It’s not difficult to lose weight. The difficulty is in doing it healthily, sustainably and measurably. With the HPC Weight Loss Model© clients experience just that.

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Which results can you expect?




The program allows clients to lose weight from pure fat, without the muscle loss from regular diets

The sophisticated models stimulate the maintenance and even growth of new muscles

Preserve and even accelerate of your metabolism to increase the speed of your progress




Utilize (your body) fat for energy while you lose weight instead of feeling tired and slow

Sleep better, become more stress resilient and be a better person to be around

Increase the amount and flow of energy to your brain to perform better at work and in life

Are you obese?

Most people don’t realize their weight is more problematic than they think. Clients usually are surprised to hear that they are officially within the obese category. As was this client.

Over the course of several months we were able to lower her weight and move towards the average category.

As we created the right foundation through deep coaching, applied cutting edge weight loss science and new habits that fitted her everyday life, results kept improving.

In the end this client moved from obese, to average to fitness level within the course of a few months and continued to improve after the program.

Weight or muscle loss?

Clients always come to me with the goal to lose weight. However, after a few questions it’s clear that the loss of muscle is not preferred (even though most diets tend to have this effect).

Compare your body to a car and look at your muscles like the engine. Before the weight loss you’re a big American V8, however, while you lose weight (and muscles) your engine shrinks to a tiny city car. As soon as you’re fed up with starving yourself, you revert to your old diet and fill up your gas tank like you did with that big engine. Slowly, you’ll put that extra gas in the jerry cans in your ‘trunk’.

Because we’ll apply the latest weight loss science clients lose weight, without muscle loss or even gain muscles.

The result: a smaller car with a big engine.

HPC Weight Loss Model

Show me the data

Just like in modern businesses you need data to understand where you stand – and where to focus your efforts to improve. This allows you to focus your efforts and make sure all the ‘low-effort / high-impact’ topics are taken care of first, before moving onwards.

If my clients feel comfortable, I will give input  for the different types of blood tests based on the recommendations from the most advanced doctors in this field. These not only differ often from the input clients get from their normal doctor, but I also give insight in where you can improve your performance.

This deep knowledge allows my clients to apply the right focus and measure the impact of the changes we make.

A positive oil spill

Weight loss or improved health are usually the topics that clients come to me with. Clearly, I help them achieve these goals, however, when we work together the impact tends to be much broader.

When I start to work with someone, I ask them to rate their lives on various aspects. When the program finishes, I ask them the same questions.

However, I also ask: how would you rate your old situation with the knowledge you gained after the program?

It’s interesting to see that clients tend to report  that they overestimated their old situation. For example: they believed they slept very well, until they understood how much better they can sleep after we got to work.

Also ready to make that change?

Pick a time-slot and schedule a free (voice or video) call. If we feel that we have the right ‘click’ we’ll make a plan to get started. If not, we shake (virtual) hands and part ways.

Customized Weight Loss Timeline

Get your HPC Weight Loss Timeline & 5-step Action Plan to understand where you stand, where you want to go & how to get there. 

Fully customized to you.

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