Apply advanced coaching techniques & cutting-edge science to smash your weight loss goals, without energy dips, hunger or crazy workouts.

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Why lose weight with me?




Workouts for weight loss are inefficient. Our smarter approach allows you to train less, lose more weight, save time and frustration.

Diets often lead to hunger and a broken metabolism. Learn your body to use fat for energy and stop being hungry and miserable.

We apply cutting edge weight loss science, the latest technology and sophisticated models to guide our approach.



Life changing

A customized approach will allow you to lose weight safely, protect your muscles and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

We aim for 80% of reality, instead of 100% of ambitions. Find a balance, that you’re happy to maintain; also after the program.

Clients not only lose weight, but report fundamental changes on all major aspects of their lives and of those around them.

Is this you?

This client came to me with, according to her “an unrealistic goal” to lose 10 kilos. Moreover, she believed her metabolism was damaged from all the dieting and was in pain.

With the program she was able to achieve her “unrealistic” goal and now weighs less than she ever had in her life. Moreover, analyses showed that the weight she lost was pure fat, while she was able to increase her muscle mass. All in just a couple of months.

Even though this left the trainers in her gym speechless, to me this came as no surprise, as it was accurately predicted in the HPC Weight Loss Model Β©.

Years later now, she still applies her learned physical and mental skills to continue to stay at her dream weight.

Or is this you?

This client is a classic example of a person that demands a lot from himself. A high performer that balances running a company with busy family life.

He felt that he needed to do something to get himself in better shape and take his energy level back on track.Β 

We got to work, focused on the foundation and quickly moved to the HPC Weight Loss Model Β©.‘A few moments’ later there was 23 kilos ‘less Jop’ as he described it in his Linkedin post.Β 

Moreover: energy levels through the roof, all health KPI’s ‘in the green’, best performance for his company ever and a long-term toolkit to maintain a healthy weight and high level focus.Β 

Who am I?

After decades of sports experience I felt how ineffective it is for weight loss. I trained hard, not smart and when I reduced my workouts to less than 5 days a week I became chubby, didn’t feel sharp and was always hunting for my next meal.

Then I made some changes, failed, learned and saw that there is a better way to stay healthy. I managed to improve my shape, increase my focus and reduce my hunger – with less effort. I’m convinced that this helped me boost my career within the biggest e-commerce players in Europe. More importantly: it made me a better father, spouse, friend and entrepreneur.

Combined with my experience and academic background, I now give guidance to clients based on sophisticated models, hard data and the latest research.

To get trusted by people to unlock their potential, be healthier and happier humbles me every day and makes me jump out of bed in the morning.

How will we work together?

Together, we will move through the 5 phases of the HPC Weight Loss Program Β©.

After we gather the data to understand your starting point, we’ll have several 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Together we’ll remove mental barriers, get crystal clear on your goals and create a plan to move forward. After the mental preparation, we will also prepare physically to lose weight safer and faster in the next phase.

During the actual weight loss phase we will be in close contact and you will get detailed instructions. The sophisticated models are customized to you and continuously adapt based on your progress.

After we have achieved your goals, we learn your body to adapt to a different way of eating and allow your mind to create long-term habits.

Also ready to make that change?

Pick aΒ time-slot and schedule a free (voice or video) call. If we feel that we have the right ‘click’ we’ll make a plan to get started. If not, we shake (virtual) hands and part ways.

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