Lose Weight.



I help you get crystal clear on your goals, make sure they are realistic, plan for obstacles along the way and remind you of where we’re going.


We aim for 80% of reality, instead of 100% of ambitions. This allows you to find balance, that you’re happy to maintain.


Diets work, but only in the short run. Therefore, we take extra time to prepare your body and mind to create change that lasts; also after the program.


Instead of ‘old wives’ tales’ from the diet industry we rely on cutting edge science from the field of weight loss and biohacking.


We use the latest technology, sophisticated models and professional analyses to make your progress visible and continuously evaluate our course.


No pain, no gain? We will work smarter, not harder and get results without the need to be hungry or workout like a maniac, like on most diets.


The changes we make not only allow you to lose weight – they also increase your focus, ability to handle stress, improve your sleep and energy.


A customized approach will allow you to lose weight safely, protect your muscles and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.


The method is founded in science and academic research. However, clients experience real and life-changing results that have been shown to last.


Clients report that the knowledge they gained in the program allowed them to become a positive influence on the lives of the people around them.

Is this you?

This client came to me with, according to her “an unrealistic goal” to lose 10 kilos. Moreover, she believed her metabolism was damaged from all the dieting and was in pain.

With the program she was able to achieve her “unrealistic” goal and now weighs less than she ever had in her life. Moreover, analyses showed that the weight she lost was pure fat, while she was able to increase her muscle mass. All in just a couple of months.

Even though this left the trainers in her gym speechless, to me this came as no surprise, as it was accurately predicted in the HPC Weight Loss Model.

Interested to read more about what you can achieve as well?

How will we work?

Together, we will move through the 5 phases of the HPC Weight Loss Program ©.

After we gather the data to understand your starting point, we’ll have several 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Together we’ll remove mental barriers, get crystal clear on your goals and create a plan to move forward. After the mental preparation, we will also prepare physically to lose weight safer and faster in the next phase.

During the actual weight loss phase we will be in close contact and you will get detailed instructions. The sophisticated models are customized to you and continuously adapt based on your progress.

After we have achieved your goals, we learn your body to adapt to a different way of eating and allow your mind to create long-term habits.

Who am I?

After decades of experience in sports I experienced first hand how ineffective it can be for weight loss. I trained hard, not smart and as soon as I reduced my workouts to less than 5 days a week I became chubby. Moreover, I didn’t feel as sharp as I could and was always hunting for my next meal.

Then I made some changes, failed, learned and understood that there is a better way to stay in shape and remain healthy. I managed to improve my shape, increase my focus and reduce my hunger – with less effort. I’m convinced that this helped me boost my career within the biggest e-commerce players in Europe, but more importantly: it made me a better father, spouse, friend and entrepreneur.

Despite this success I felt I wasn’t living in accordance to my main value, which is to help others. Therefore, I got educated as a Coach by one of the leading institutes in the world and learned what it takes to truly motivate others create the change they desire. Combined with my experience and academic background, I’m now able to give guidance to clients based on sophisticated models, hard data and the latest research.

To get trusted by people to unlock their potential, be healthier and happier humbles me every day and makes me jump out of bed in the morning. I’d be honored to get in touch if you feel comfortable and ready.


Roderick de Leeuw – MSc, BSc, CHPC

Ready to make that change?

Pick a time-slot and schedule our (voice or video) call. If we feel that we have the right ‘click’ we’ll make a plan to get started. If not, we shake (virtual) hands and part ways.

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