Lose weight.
In 5 steps.

Together we move through the 5 steps of the HPC Weight Loss Model © where we create the right foundation for healthy and sustainable weight loss


Step 1

In order to understand where to start, I believe it is key to understand where to startfrom.

We will gather various data points on both your physical and your mental state with the latest technology and coaching tools.

This will allow me to create a customized approach, us to measure your progress and you to make more impact.


Step 2

I believe it’s one of the most common traps to jump into action-mode, without a deeper understanding of underlying issues.

Therefore, we will start to pave the road, prepare the car, stack up supplies and get clear on the destination before we start to drive.

This ensures the chance for emergency stops is low, we are prepared if we hit a pothole and are able to drive faster towards a clearer goal.

weight loss preparation

Step 3

Diets are almost synonymous to the yo-yo effect and a broken metabolism. The reason: poor preparation and outdated knowledge.

To avoid this we will learn your body to use fat for energy and change your food intake to boost your metabolism.

This requires a delicate balance and proper guidance, however, it also greatly increases your chance to lose weight successfully.

weight loss

Step 4

After the needed mental physical and mental preparation we unleash the power of the HPC Weight Loss Model ©.

This will be the cornerstone of our weight loss journey and combines the latest science, advanced models, your personal preferences and actual progress to give you detailed recommendations on a weekly basis.

The model is founded on the basis of a ketogenic diet, the right protein balance and (optional) intermittent fasting

Contrary to what you might expect given the results we achieve is that clients always underline how easy the program is to maintain. Progress takes time and dedication, however, with the right approach it doesn’t require being hungry, grumpy, tired or unfocused


Step 5

After the more controlled weight loss phase we will gradually let your body get used to a different dietary composition.

We will establish long-term habits that fit a balanced lifestyle that you – and likely your loved ones – will be happy to maintain for the rest of your life.

Moreover, we will reflect on what we have achieved and we will make it visible in numbers.

Ready to make that change?

Pick a time-slot and schedule a free (voice or video) call. If we feel that we have the right ‘click’ we’ll make a plan to get started. If not, we shake (virtual) hands and part ways.