I'm Roderick.

I don’t prefer to talk about myself. However, I understand you might want to know a little more about me before you feel comfortable to work together.

Why me as your
Health Coach?




Endurance sports, martial arts, weight lifting, high carb, low carb, vegetarianism, keto? I talk from experience.

I’m educated by a leading coaching institute to understand how I can best help you – find the answers to your challenges in your situation.

My extensive work experience allows me to help you find solutions that fit your busy lifestyle as well.




Both my clients and friends tell me coaching is second nature to me. I notice that coaching never feels like work.

My core value is to help others. Therefore I will always go above and beyond to make most impact for you.

I stay open minded, so that I’m able to learn new things based on the latest science or new experiences.

Why do I care about health?

40% of the world’s population is obese and about 10% suffer from diabetes type 2. These numbers grow every year.

Besides the obvious physical discomforts, being overweight can also create various other problems, ranging from damaged joints to a higher chance of developing cancer.

Society also tends to judge overweight people. They also face a lower chance of being hired for a job or are more like to be treated differently by a doctor.

Naturally, this impacts people’s self-esteem and happiness. And of those around them.

To fix this, people try tens – if not – hundreds of diets throughout their lifetime. They starve themselves in the kitchen, and slave themselves in the gym.

Usually, only to gain weight, lose self-esteem, be less productive and unhappy.

I believe this has to change. I believe I can help.

Why isn’t obesity fixed yet?

Even though the words ‘eat less, train more’ and ‘nutritional balance’ are like a mantra, they are nonsense. Just like the idea that failure to comply makes you lazy or weak.

I understood that weight loss isn’t simple math. It’s science.

The real formula is more complex and takes a little more time to set up, but it helps you lose weight structurally, prevent a broken metabolism and saves you from a general sense of misery.

It’s my goal to update the mantra which I believe can make a difference for millions of people around the world to:

‘Lose weight, by doing it smarter.’

What makes me a Health Coach?

I experienced how it felt to be chubby, but unable to change it. Despite decades worth of experience in high intensity sports, like speed skating, weight lifting and various martial arts I trained and ate healthy food, but without the results I expected.

During the last decade I have tried and tested many different approaches, studied the weight loss science and attended the Human Potential Institute.

Combined with my academic background and my professional experience this allowed me to create sophisticated weight loss models that work. Not as a fad diet, but on the long term.

I learned that my main value in life is to help others and I choose to do so by helping people achieve their weight loss goals and become healthier, more productive and happier as a result.

Read more on this blog post I wrote.

Ready to make that change?

Pick a time-slot and schedule a free (voice or video) call. If we feel that we have the right ‘click’ we’ll make a plan to get started. If not, we shake (virtual) hands and part ways.

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If you have any questions, send me a message via the form below or simply add me on Whatsapp as ‘Roderick’.